March 27, 2017

Suing a business?

Alright I just want to start of by saying that I know people will say “You’d be better off asking somewhere else” If I went to a legal forum it would take a day or two to get even one reply. One thing I love about Hack Forums is the active community and most people give good advice and recommendations. On to my questions
I figured that it would be reasonable to sue the Emergency Vet hospital that ended up doing a really shitty job, leading to my cat’s death.

The back story is, my cat got pregnant and it was unexpected, but then again she was not spayed. When the time comes to her giving birth she is in labor for over 24 hours and is bleeding quite a bit. I knew something was wrong by everything I was researching online. She finally gave birth.. to a stillborn baby. I looked up images to confirm, then what to do next, online it said that I needed to wait to see if the next one was alive, so 5 hours later another stillborn kitten. By this time all of the regular vets in my area had closed so I looked up online my nearest Emergency Vet. I noticed they had a lot of one star reviews but I was desperate as my cat needed to see someone professional for help. I took her there and the first thing they asked is “How do you plan to pay?” at first I was angry because they didn’t ask what was going on with her, but just how they wanted to make sure they got paid. Skipping ahead a few hours they gave her 2 shots to help her contract, she still had two kittens in her, but they were stillborn as well. They offered me a C-Section AFTER I paid 250$ for the emergency visit and the two shots. I asked how much they said “190.xx$” I asked if we could just see if the shots had any affect on my cat. They said yes, they also said if I brought her back in sometime soon that they would wave the Emergency Vet fee again. That was nice so I said I may be back in. Jumping ahead 17 hours she still hadn’t given birth and she was contracting all night long. With no luck and her getting worse by the hour I consulted to family to see what to do, as I didn’t have a lot of money to get her C-Section. They said I should take her to get “Put Down” So, I decided that’s what to be done. I loaded her back up at 3 in the morning and drove to that Vet. Walked in and the first thing they ask again “How do you plan on paying tonight?” I was obviously disgusted, because I had just made the decision to put my cat down, which I’ve had for over 3 years. I tell them I had come in the night before and they said if I brought her back in they would waive the Emergency Fee. They pulled up my file and confirmed that. Then I asked the prices of the euthanization for her. They told me 145$ if I wanted to take her back home, and other prices if they wanted to dispose of her for me, and ashes. I wasn’t aware it would be so much. I knew it was close to the 190.xx that the last doctor had told me. I decided to go for the C-Section. I asked Several times that 190$ was all I had to pay because I couldn’t afford much they said they would also do an adult spay on her for an additional 35$, AND they would provide full medication in the cost. I thought wow what a bargain. So I added that on to the bill. I was very grateful they were willing to work with me. They said come back at 6:00am if I didn’t want to pay a holding fee on her. I accepted, I slept past my alarm and they had called me at 8:30 just the time that they charge the 1st holding fee. What a coincidence? I head over there and pay the 14.50$ fee to take her home. and ask several times is that all I have to pay? Am I completely paid off? They reassured me that I was golden. I received my cat and she looked very very skinny and I was happy she was okay again. Little did I know they didn’t use stitches on her and they would not provide medication for her. I was in the car holding on to her going slow and headed home when I noticed that all she had on her shaved belly was Iodine, I was confused but I didn’t realize that she should have gotten stitches since she was just cut open. I honestly have no idea how her cut/wound was staying shut. Maybe they used glue, I don’t know. They called me the next day, I was hoping it was for her medication but nope. They wanted to “Check on her”… and also collect the remaining 34.xx$ that I owed them. I was PISSED. I paid it so I didn’t owe those bastards anything and I was so mad I forgot about the medication completely. I called back a day later because she had not eaten or drunken hardly anything. I was wondering where the fuck her medicine was. They claimed that they don’t offer any medicine and my vet should be responsible for the medication even though I don’t have a regular vet. Time goes by, I see her wounds are opening I gently clean her everyday four times a day. well I’ll skip to the end, I found her outside with her intestines out of her. I cried and was heartbroken, I blamed myself for letting her sneak outside. She was still living and I rushed to the nearest vet and they put her down free of charge after I explained everything to them.

I need to know, Should I sue? I’m not going for an absurd amount of money I just want them to know that their service and quality is complete shit and they need to reevaluate their business. I want them to cover the amount I paid them, as well as anything else I’m entitled to. I know I said earlier I didn’t have a lot of money to pay for my cat, but I have family willing to help pay for a lawyer.

Also would I win the case?

So sorry for the long ass story, just had to give details.

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