December 4, 2016

Talk about Aaron Swartz


I’ve got an individual presentation of a role model coming up, and I really want to talk about Aaron Swartz. However, the talk is limited to 5 minutes, and there’s so much to say about Aaron Swartz and I obviously have to exclude some parts of his life and story. So I now turn to you who have followed him or know a lot about him – what should I exclude and what should I include from his story?

What I figured myself that I should mention is the following:

  • His early years (how he was a prodigy as a child)
  • Some of his most important creations and contributions (RSS, Reddit, CC, GOAM, _____?)
  • His actions as an hacktivist (could really use some input from you here as I don’t know much about this)
  • Felony charges (should I include this?)
  • His to say the least tragic death
  • Videos/Pictures (if you have any that you think I really need to include please lmk)

Should I exclude some of the above and/or should I include something else?


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