December 6, 2016

The Denial of Death

Ever wondered what is the root cause of your depression? Look no further.

These are my thoughts after looking at the work of Ernest Becker.

Humans are in a bad condition. They are smart enough to realise, that one day they are going to be dead. This causes deep internal trauma/depression because they become aware of how they arent much different than a simple creature like an animal. They become aware of how meaningless their life is and how indifferent/hostile the universe is to their existence.

Thus, they create “immortality projects”. They create the illusion of being part of something “bigger” and eternal. Believing in this illusion will trick them into thinking their life has a meaning.

In modern times and the rise of science, more and more people cant get themselves to believe in religion anymore. But they still have these kind of projects, for example they will try to deify their romantic partner or become obsessively invested in material things or hobbies.

Pretty much, everything we do in life is based around distracting ourselves from our mortality and the innate meaninglessness of our existence. And the reason that many people nowadays have depression is because they didnt find a convincing project/illusion/belief system (whatever you want to call it), or they dont think they are capable of doing it. They are lost and nothing remains but hopelessness.

What are your thoughts on this?

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