December 18, 2016

Themed account..

Hey all,

I’m in doubt and I need some advice.
I’ve got a 109K IG account. Made it in June 2015. Gained 300 followers a day back then, because it was a Doge meme account and it was the only active one on IG.
I kept posting the same content and the same amount, but the followers were coming in slower, even though I didn’t change anything. (i knew doge memes were dead already)

Doge memes weren’t popular anymore and I started to post Shiba Inu pictures. (Doge is a shiba dog). Those were more popular, but still barely couldn’t get me any followers.

Now it has come to the point where im gaining 20 followers on a bad day and 60 on a good day.

I kinda want to change the theme of the account and I know that theme changes kill the account, but in this case, I NEED to do it. Also, I like textposts more than doge/shiba pics..

Question: What’s the best way to change the theme of the account?

Thanks for the advice and sorry if the English isn’t very good, I’m not a native (:

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