December 5, 2016

Think I Just got caught speeding

Was driving to work this morning and I just noticed a camera van sitting next to a speed camera facing the opposite direction, I was doing about 60+mph in a 50.

I’m from the UK btw if they did catch me it’s my first offence so I’ll most likely end up with a speeding awareness course as long as I wasn’t going faster than 64mph.

One thing I did notice though the van didn’t have it’s back door open and I couldn’t see any of the windows open, I always thought they opened this so they can point the speed gun out. But it was -3 degrees Celsius this morning so maybe they was just cold. Or best case they had only just got there and hadn’t setup the camera yet.

Anyways has anyone else ever got done for speeding?
Brilliant time for it to happen as well just before Christmas when you need money Black Hat

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