December 18, 2016

Web browser help

Hey guys,

Let’s jump straight in so I’m making a login bot with webbrowser. Yes before we start I know httpwebrequest is by far way better but I’m having issue with it for this one website so I decided to do it this way until I find a fix. Back into topic.

So what is happening is after I set the username, password then invoke the submit button I then have the code look to see if the source contains a “keyword” so I know it has logged in. But I feel the problem is that when it goes to check the source for the keyword The page hasn’t loaded properly so then it moves on to try another username and password.

Does anyone know a way to make it wait for the website to load first then check the source code for the keyword?

Thanks in advance. (If you want to have a look over the code I can post it here just didn’t really think was necessary for this answer)

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