March 31, 2017

What I DISLIKE About Donald Trump

I have just written a thread ( about what I like about Donald Trump, this is about what I disagree with him on.

I expect g4143 will like this thread a lot 😉

1. Muslim Ban

I consider this to be the main thing I disagree with him on. He tried to ban people who were American citizens from entering the country that they live in, all because they went to 7 countries. The first time this was done, it was done horribly, there was a lack of detail, and you have people stuck in airports, people concerned about the safety of their relatives (though this more about feelings), and the response from those countries were very threatening, especially from Iran.

I feel like just banning people from those 7 countries from entering America was a lazy way of doing it. The last time I flew from Australia to New Zealand (2015), I remember seeing pamphlets about people being barred from flying to certain areas in Syria that ISIS controlled. This approach makes sense as you’re talking about people from enemy controlled areas (note areas, not countries) trying to come into America. God knows if they’re radicalised or not, so the best thing is to bar people from going to and coming from those regions. That is just common sense, and a much thorough approach to be taking.

2. Abortion

I fundamentally disagree with Donald Trump’s stance on abortion. He has talked about punishing women, then doctors for performing abortions. This approach can affect a women’s health significantly. Abortion should be done with doctors who know what they’re doing, and operate within regulations compared to some shady backstreet dude who operates in the black market, and probably helps funds gangs and drug cartels, etc.

I think abortion should be legal, safe, and rare.

Despite this, morons like Lena Dunham are an embarrassment to advocates of abortion who want to advocate a common sense approach to it. How fucked are you to say that you WANT to get an abortion? That is not acceptable at all.

3. Healthcare

Abortion could perfectly fit under healthcare, but it’s also a social issue.

I previously praised his stance on single-payer healthcare, but that was back when he promoted it. Now that Ryancare has failed, it’s important to show what a disaster his stance on healthcare is going to be. Unless he magically flips back to praising a government system, and trying to enact it, then his stance is going to be a shitty attempt at trying to replicate Obamacare, and ultimately is going to have the same fate as Obamacare (high dissatisfaction, ‘retardedly’ high increases in healthcare, etc.) Obamacare out of all these systems, does need a few little tweaks, but it seems to be the best system out of what the Republicans (excluding Rand Paul) is proposing — and I say this as someone who fucking despises Obamacare.

4. Cabinet Picks

For someone who said that he wanted to drain the swamp, his cabinet picks are very swampy. He has picked a few good hombres (Mad Dog Mattis, Rex Tillerson, General Kelly, etc.) and I think they’re doing a lot of good work so far, and are really educated on issues, especially Mad Dog Mattis. The rest of his picks are a fucking joke.

Betsy DeVos is someone who’s family has donated hundreds of millions to the Republican Party in the past. If it weren’t for those ‘nice’ donations, she wouldn’t of gotten her position. She does not belong in that position though. She belongs in a right-wing think tank that promotes “choice” in education.

Rick Perry — this guy didn’t even know what the Department of Energy did. I think he’s the biggest joke of all in this cabinet. You’re chosen to do lead something you don’t even know the purpose of. God help us all.

He has also picked various Goldman Sachs executives to join his cabinet. For someone who ran as an “outsider” against big moneyed interests like Goldman, it is very disappointing to see him hire Goldman Sachs dudes into his cabinet. Anything Goldman Sachs is apart of, you know is corrupt as dicks.

5. Climate Change

Donald Trump has said that he doesn’t believe in climate change, which is going to be very disastrous for the planet as our planet is warming up like a bitch. If you don’t believe in climate change, and therefore believe in regulations that help combat it, then we’re going to go back to an era where the cities are very polluted, the rivers are polluted, where the sea level is rising significantly. Pollution can also have devastating effects on people’s health. 5.5 million annually die due to pollution This is a number we should be seeking to reduce, not increase by being lacks on regulation that combats climate change.

This is one area where I view Donald Trump to be wrong in every sense of the word, and any regulations that are cut that combat climate change are going to rape our planet even more.

6. Science

On multiple occasions, he has said that vaccines cause autism. This link is unproven, and it’s generally what science skeptics say to scare people into not vaccinating their kids. Not vaccinating your kids can have profound effects on their health. If you want your kids to get the whooping cough, or some third world disease that we should be protected against, then don’t vaccinate your kids.

Autism happens during conception, not after you vaccinate your children. That’s why you should be allowed to do an abortion, so that you can terminate the child with autism just in case you can’t afford to raise it economically, physically or emotionally.


I’m getting tired now. I hope this better clarifies my position on Trump in general.

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