December 21, 2016

Why you should approach your target if you’re out of options

So this is quite a long post so if you’re not patient then I would suggest you close the tab now. If not have a read of this it’s about how I asked the owner of an inactive original Instagram account if I could have it , this was after failing to get into it alone, it might be seen as a bitch method but it got the job done haha, I will apologies for my grammar now it’s not the best.

So it all started when I started coming back on to hack forums and seeing what the latest craze was, when I was here before it was all about gamer tags, it was around the 7+ plus letter reset, but now it’s all about social media handles.

I started realizing quick that it was probably better to look for usernames that were inactive so I could save the bother and threat of them ever being taken back, I was looking at various targets and found one that was quite plausible, it was a name of a girl I used to work with, not a common one name so I imagine not many people attempted to get into that account, it did however have 900 followers a majority of them were random but there was a few with the same name.

So I used to forgot password function to give me the partial email, after about an hour of sitting and thinking trying various options I managed to nail it, you can always be sure of this if you use the reset password function by entering the email instead of the username, it will come back with “this email is not registered with this site” if the email is wrong or it would say “password reset instructions have been sent to the email” if you enter a correct email.

I then put the email into leakedsource (if you don’t know leaked source is a database of emails and passwords from past hacks of various websites) and bingo it came back with 2 sites, one was MySpace and there was another which I can’t quite remember now, it’s always handy on leakedsource if it comes back with a MySpace result because you’re guaranteed a password, straight to Instagram I went enter the username and password and in went!…

But not quite, I was hit with a “we have noticed suspicious activity on your account please verify your email” I couldn’t do anything I was stuck, I went to Hotmail to login with the password I got from leaked source but it didn’t work, I had sort of hit a brick wall so I started to figure out who she was.

I used the hotmail reset form to find out the alternative email for the Hotmail and It was a gmail, I worked out the ***** and went over to the gmail reset form, gmails are pretty tough to get into so I didn’t have much hopes with it, I used the google docs method to find out the full name and it also came with a picture (I learned the Google dox thing from a tutorial on here so thanks to that guy) I then used pipl and managed to find her Facebook profile, I used some information from that to use on password reset forms, e.g. The date of birth, location etc. But it just wouldn’t happen.

So after about a month I sent her the Facebook friend request, she didn’t respond to it so I messaged her just saying hello, still nothing so I sent another message saying please could you respond, a few days past and she did, she accepted my friend request but didn’t respond, I could see that she had seen my message so I sent another just saying something along the lines of “it is quite odd why I am messaging you today” and she read it, there was a little bit of back an forth then I went on to explain and told her that about 6 years ago she made the username ****** on Instagram and never used it again, I even sent her a screenshot of the profile, she had even added a picture of herself to it which she couldn’t believe, she seriously didn’t remember ever making the account and thought she had been cat fished or something.

I told her that I was able to work out her email and who she was and that’s why I was here talking to her (I left out all of the leaked source stuff when I was talking to her) I asked her if she still had access to the hotmail account since I worked out that her gmail was her primary email at the moment, she didn’t give a straight answer then because she was just very confused by the situation, there were 2 things she was unsure of, why did I want this account and why did I want this account with a girls name since I wasn’t a girl, I explained to her that it’s kinda cooler to have a username like “example” as a posed to “example1234” I didn’t want to give the game away to much that these usernames had value (although were this name is so obsolete it would only fetch around $50 dollars on this market place)

To answer her other question why did I want a girl username? I answered with “there was a girl that I used to work with with the same name as you and I thought if I told her I had that username to give her it would score me some ass” haha there is a little bit of truth in that actually because that is the end game LOL and trust me I’m really not desperate haha I can get sex it’s just she has a 10/10 ass and I’ve always wanted to hit it, plus it was just a nice little project to work on and giving me an In sight to what you need to get into accounts just like it.

But I had failed and I surrendered and went for broke by messaging her and it paid off, she had started to understand why I wanted the username and said she would see if she could login on hotmail, about 5 minutes later I get this message

I already had an account waiting to put the handle on right away, there was never any risk of it being turbo’d either.
I told her how grateful I was for her help and I generally was, I never threatened her at any point either I was always friendly and even told her that she could keep it for herself if she wanted, I wasn’t to bothered I just wanted to put it to bed and stop working on it either way but she handed it over just like.

The chat probably lasted about 45 minutes from start to finish with us exchanging about 25 messages each and that was it, I reassured her that her email accounts were perfectly safe and she had nothing to worry about on that front because at one point she abruptly said “have you been in my emails?” Which I replied “no and I don’t want to”, this gave her added comfort and she trusted me, so yeah maybe this could be a possible solution to anyone else that was in the same situation as me, but you must understand that I was extremely lucky, I think if the target had been male then he wouldn’t have been so understanding and willing to help, because we are dudes and we’re all like fuck you!

If you did just read it all I hope I didn’t bore you, I just thought it could make for an interesting read for a few people on here.


EDIT: also if anyone could tell me how to correctly post my image with spoilers that would be great.

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