November 15, 2017

Can’t upload avatar or change username

I’ve read somewhere that you can’t change username without upgrading to 3p1c, l33t, or ub3r, but I’ve also read that I have one free username change left. Although that isn’t a big problem of mine at the moment, the bigger problem  is that I can’t change avatar no matter how many times I try, I get this : “Please correct the following errors before continuing:

  • Remote avatar URLs have been disabled by the forum administrator.”
    Now, my question is, I haven’t tried to change it via url, but I can’t seem to upload pic I want to, and without an avatar, I look like a peasant (as I am at this point 😀 ) so I don’t seem to get what the problem is. Thank you in advance for answering.P.S. I don’t have any alternative method for buying 3p1c or l33t except paypal, so if someone can contact me on how to get the ether or bitcoin, I’d be happy 🙂

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