April 28, 2017

Free SSL Installation – Letscrypt Free SSL – 3 Months Per Cert

Free SSL Installation Service
Free SSL included with installation

I’m providing this service to give back to the community. I usually never charge for what I do because I know not everyone has $8,000 in BTC. This service will utilize a free SSL Certificate Provider called Letsencrypt. Letsencrypt gives you a free valid SSL Certificate for 3 months. So after 3 months you need to renew it. Don’t worry though, its still FREE!



      Root Access to your server
      Domain Name
      Domain needs to point to the server before I do the SSL.

    Web Panel (cPanel, Sentora, etc)

      Login for your control panel.
      SSL Manager in the control panel.
      Domain needs to point to the server before I do the SSL.

I won’t dick with your other files. You may need to reconfigure your settings on your website to force SSL or even allow it. Look up how to do that with .htaccess.

Contact Information
[pmme=&message=]Click here to PM me![/pmme]

Discord: Leroy Jethro Gibbs#0025


Almost all of my services I provide free of charge. I like to give back to the community as much as possible. If you guys want to give back to me in the form of BTC donations, you can do so by sending whatever you want to: 1AZvHyFxPEwVANV9k4fJ54UVmaTbgspein

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