April 6, 2017

How to social Engineer Fitbit

social Engineering fitbit is tricking the support into sending you their product.
ln this tutorial I will show you how to do so.
Okay you need a Fitbit account with a device registered to it. I don’t know if anyone sells them on here, but if they don’t , I’lltell you how to get you one, just pm me.
Now once you login, change the email to your email, and then check to see what the account name is (the first name/last name) and check what type of device they own.
Go to Fitbit live chat and say the Fitbit is broken and put in your email, and put in the first and last name in the livechat signup box.
Once you get in live chat , use this as a guide and you should enjoy your Fitbit within a week and a half.
If you have any questions pm me or message me on discord @Legicide#5022

had to stop due to character limit.

Second part

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