February 23, 2017

Lsdmt and shrooms

This particular trip happened from
300 mics of LSD
0.10 grams dmt in a small joint
1.5 grams penis envy mushies lemon tek

It seems to be a follow up of previous LSD trips and 2 weeks earlier 0.20 grams 4acodmt ( this one was absolutely crazy, and I will post it, later.

My friend came over and dropped off the supplies for my trip. I was waiting for a friend to drop off Thanksgiving dinner after which I would trip. He surprised me with a rail (a thumb size it looked like I’ve never done the stuff before) of ketamine and we chilled for an hour or so before he had to go. I think the k really helped the later trip I had planned. Around 11 am I was feeling just a little left of center so I took a quick nap.

12:30 pm my friend dropped off dinner which I happily ate. I waited for it to digest, was the first thing I’d eaten since lunch the day before (I fast when I trip hard and then eat) and after my stomach was empty around 2:15 ish I ate the LSD and rolled a blunt and the dmt joint, taking my time. It may sound odd, but I always ask the LSD to give me a clear head and a clear vision. I tell it that I have a pure intent to learn. I do the same to the dmt and the mushies. I guess kinda like a prayer but not really. I then took a nice hot shower and smoked the dmt joint, and right after I was able to remember (still in lsdmt world I drank the limejuice shrooms. Elapsed time about 50 minutes to drinking the shrooms, 40 minutes to smoking the joint. Ok that timeline is out of the way. Here is what happened.

Right as soon as I got dressed from my shower I felt I was 1-2 minutes from the start of the acid hitting me from just noticing to hard. Pretty hard to time it like that with the deem so I’m hoping I got it close. Right as soon as I hit the joint
First hit I noticed the sound was getting sucked out of the room. Second hit I heard a perfect 432 tone
Third hit I heard a perfect 5th as well as the 432 tone.
4th I heard the 7th, 5th and 432 tone overlapping
5th hit a 9th, 7th, 5th, and tone 432
After that I tried to hit it again but it went out and I couldn’t hit it.

At the first hit it was like a curtain was slowly going down which covered everything. The background was a light beige white with a sapphire roof. I saw an elaborately jeweled elephant. It was huge and white and standing on a vivid emerald hill with a golden sandy path winding down and passing in front of me. Along with the hill (everything came down just like pulling a curtain) I saw a bright blue snake, a kundalini like thing in vivid Hindu jewels. He had broad shoulders and a light yellow belly filled with sacred angles which glistened and I could see writing on his chest which showed me mathematical proportions of phi and Megatron’s cube. These appeared as little lighting bolts which shone and sparkled on his chest and even though he said nothing I understood him to mean to show me that. Standing next to him was a very bright blue figure that was smiling at me. He wore a big golden and jeweled headdress like the elephant. He had four arms. One of them had a golden bright disc in it. One of them had a conch shell which he would occasionally blow, and it would make him happy and laugh. When he blew it it amplified the tonal chord I was hearing. He also had a harp which when he played it musical notes would come out and I would SEE the notes and how to play the songs it would play. He held something that kind of looked like a jeweled club or ball. It was covered in sacred angles of phi and pi and rotating equations which I did not understand.

I saw very clearly writing in Sanskrit, cuneiform, Mayan Aztec and Incan pictographs and ancient oriental characters. These letters would float through the sky left to right or right to left or move from the floor to the ceiling (never ceiling to floor) as soon as the image was finished, the snake man and four armed god looked me in the eyes and then looked at each other. The snake man jumped into my mouth and activated my chakra from the crown down through the root. He appeared in front of me again but it felt like he was still inside of me, which oddly felt comforting. The four arm god stood on the back of the snake and we went underwater.

There were fish and other aquatic life swimming above me as well as the words in the ancient languages (they kinda looked like a glittery pennant or streamer with writing) they began to talk to me, but again, no speech happened it just felt like they had the intention for me to learn something and I did. I saw golden ratios and saw their correlation to music. I was taught a dance to glorify the wonders of life and to increase the blood flow in my body and to help cleanse my muscles and tendons and keep them in use (I felt like for an hour or two I didn’t use my muscles to walk just my tendons which felt weird and wonderful at the same time) the beings looked me in the eye and I felt like they were treating me as an equal, like they were only reminding me of facts that I knew before instead of telling me something new. I was shown certain degrees in which shapes can bond to each other and become stronger by doing so. I was told that I would be able to eventually draw a picture of what was in my minds eye and that it would help. I was shown different aspects of the flower of life and ways in which it applies to things in real life, such as any geometric solid can be described by placing it in a circle and I was shown examples and four dimensional solids. I began to see a rainbow of lights matching chakra colors and such.

It was coming from my body and illuminating the room. At this point I tried to smoke the rest of the dmt joint (I had already eate the shrooms, I got a huge wave of nausea tho and couldn’t do it. It seemed to make these gods or blue people upset so I put it down. I then saw golden crystals form huge copies of Metatron’s cube. The vision started fading and the snake man jumped into my mouth again but instead of going through my body he stayed in my throat. I gently began falling back into reality still tripping hard.

I found I had moved into the main room and was lying on the bed. I felt the rainbow of light running from my head to my feet constantly moving but always being there. It was like a rainbow that was constantly spinning gently. I felt so powerful, and full of the breath of life. I felt my ligaments and tendons stretching and feeling good like your muscles do when you stretch and work out. I couldn’t help but stretch, and feel my rainbow of light getting stronger and healthier feeling.
This feeling lasted from about 4-1 am. I felt my light drawing inside of my body. Not going out but I guess I wasn’t able to see it just feel it. For the next full day I had cev of Megatron’s cube and proportions found within the flower of life. I felt these visuals calm down, and now it is two full days later. I still feel the positive energy. Its as if I can let part of myself stay “there” at my will now.

Now that is one heck of a trip. A few notes:
I am not religious. I was raised Christian but stopped doing anything about it 15-17 years ago. I don’t study other religions or anything like that.
I have been practicing meditation in connection to doing psychedelics, as well as doing some researching and YouTube on stuff that interests me. The last week of YouTube (one or two here and there I don’t usually stay on it for more than a video or two) was on golden ratios and sacred geometry, as well aw spirit science videos. If anyone could help explain this to me I’d appreciate it. I’ve done a little checking and one of my friends on rollitup says the blue four armed man I saw was Vishnu. I’m not sure who that is lol anyway I’ll postmy other trips that brought me here.

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