March 23, 2017

Mythbusting MDMA (Hystory, HowTo, HowNotTo, stuff)

Hey there PPL,
as i was lurking into some Ecstasy related Threads here, i figured that there is much need of a little Myth busting. So in this Thread i want to share my knowledge with you. It´s based on my personal experience as well as on scientific facts and since I couldn´t know everything: Wikipedia where I reassured myself about hystorical events and the parts I´ve forgotten about Shulgin 😉

Personal Note:
XTC/MDMA is my absolute favorite. As I described it to another User here on HF:

Quote:It´s kind of an Instant perfect night. You will, given the right doses and location and company, be able to experience yourself as well as your surrounding mates on a whole new Level and understand stuff about you and others that will last not just for this particular night, but forever.

This has to be said first:
As there is plenty of scientific proof on what will happen to you if you misuse XTC , there is NO evidence (and said that much: not because nobody did research it 😉 ) that using XTC every once in a while will harm you in any way! Later on I will give you a small How to “safe” use MDMA.

Table of Content:
1. A brief history of X.
2. How does it feel?
3. Where to use it?
4. What is it doing?
5. What could go wrong?
6. Side effects
7. How to “safe” use XTC

1. A brief history of X.

MDMA which is short for methylenedioxy¬methamphetamine, was first synthesized in 1912 by a Group of “Merck”* scientist, who tried to find a substance that stops abnormal bleeding.
But although in the upcoming years, some people tried it, it remained kind of an insider.
That was until the “Godfather of MDMA”, Dr. Alexander Theodore “Sasha” Shulgin (born June 17, 1925 – died June 2, 2014) entered stage.
He was not (as often stated) the first who synthesized MDMA, nor was he the first to explore its effects. In fact even as he synthesized it first time in 1965, he learned about the psychedelic effects, 11 years later when in 1976 a student of a medicinal chemistry group he advised at San Francisco State University told him about it.
But he, for sure, had the most impact on it. And if it wasn´t for him, maybe we would never have heard of XTC.
Shulgin stated that, in his time as a research director on Bio-Rad Labs, he had a series of psychedelic experiences that were goal setting for his work and life:
He experienced that there are certain substances, which could lead to a deeper understanding of “yourself” and because of this could help people fight mental Problems.
” I first explored mescaline in the late ’50s…. Three-hundred-fifty to 400 milligrams. I learned there was a great deal inside me.”
After he was introduced to the effects of MDMA, he talked about “Window” as he named I, to a fellow psychotherapist, Leo Zeff, who called it “Adam” and was the first to use it in therapy.
There would be so much to say about Shulgin and his views, life, everything… But this Thread is not for his Bio… So I have to move on.
With start of the early 80s, MDMA made it to the streets. The term Ecstasy was coined by Michael Clegg, who, along with his „Texas Group” looked to increase sales. Fun Fact:
In its early years you could have paid for MDMA with your credit card 😉

As I don´t want your heads to explode, I keep this as short as I´m able to. If you are interested in further/ more information just let me know. I could always expand the info in this section.

2.How does MDMA feel?

Nothing like any other drug I used before or after.
After it kicked in, you will feel waves of pure good, relaxed energy go through your body leaving you in a slight euphoric state.
You have this warm and chilled feeling inside and feel “pure love” and an unbreakable and strong bond towards each and every one, no matter if you know or even like the person when sober.
When being around people, you might end up talking about each other’s personal stuff. On a level that is beyond everything that you have seen before. And might as well be beyond a level you would discuss your personal stuff with strangers in normal life. But you feel like you don`t have an own ego. So you don´t care for such stuff. And just care for the people close to you in this very moment, sharing this deep ass shit.

3. Where to use it

You might not believe so, but let me tell you:
One crazy thing about XTC is, depending on your setting, you will experience different kind of “Highs” even you would use the same pill/doses in each situation. So this section is about the “Where To”.

@home: With your Partner
I highly recommend doing XTC with your partner and not only because doing so will, as long nobody was OD, for sure result in a night of Sex and talk… Oh, I see the question mark on your forehead… You will (sry for the explicit language) fuck your Girls brains out of her head, the whole damn night. And she might end up trying to blow off yours right through your… Ya know?
But you will not just have sex. You will make love and afterwards as well as in between talk deep on your relationship. Leaving both your egos aside and seeing the discussed matter through the eyes of your partner. Each of you.
When doing XTC in a Club you will have to save at least some money for drinks. Not talking about alcohol. No man, if you´re going to slip MDMA in a Club, you might end up rocking the Dancefloor till the club closes. You wanna/will dance. Nothing but dance. You will not care. It doesn´t matter if usually ur just not that dancer type of guy. You are, at this very moment/night. And there is nothing (literally nothing, I saw guys on XTC just ignore damn sexy girls. They just won’t respond, except of a nice sry, even if directly asked for sex…) that will get you off the dancefloor right now. All you feel, all you are at this very moment is in the Music and needs to be expressed through movement. If a Girl/Guy manages to catch after you paused for a drink, you might get laid ;).
WARNING: DRINK!!! You will be sweating. Liters. But you won´t get thirsty. Still not seeing the Problem here?
You are fucking high on MDMA, which puts your body under kind of a DDoS, on top of that, you decided to dance for hours straight. And not this relaxed waltz kind of dance.
No my friend, you´re dancing like there´s no tomorrow, and the only way there could be a tomorrow was that you danced your ass of. So DRINK! And plz, leave the Alcohol out of your body. You will not get any drunk. You´ll just drink it for the taste and most likely not like it atm anyway… Get yourself water/Coke/Lemonade/Sports Drinks.
Belief me. There is a reason why there is a song called: “Kaltes klares Wasser” (“cold pure water”) in Germany. There´s no way, even Don Perignon or a Black/blue label JW Or a 12 year old Chivas could taste any better than cold pure water!!!
By the way, having a “sober” friend around will do the trick: As you are highly emphatic you will sense that he wants to do you good and just take the fucking water without explaining why you don´t need it. (Unlike that “take the coffee”- discussions with drunk ppl 😉 ).

Just grab some real good friends, some instruments, tents/Van, XTC, Non Alc Drinks, whatever you need else, and off goes the journey.
Being outside in nature, listening to good handmade music will lead to deep ass conversations and other cool stuff. If there are some musicians with you, they might start jamming, if so, make sure to hit record 😉
In my experience, when there were musicians and instruments along with us (and there always were :D) when in nature, we always ended up jamming with the whole group. And when played the recorded tracks, I really wonder how we did such great stuff :D.
When you pause jamming (mostly because someone’s fingers start bleeding) you will have deepest conversations about all and everything.
Don´t do it. Except you are experienced (means you know excactly how you react) and want to use a dose to set your head straight for anything but use decent doses!!!
4. What is it doing?

Since I am no scientist and most of you are neither, I will try to keep it simple.
When you slip a Pill of MDMA you usually start to feel it kick in, 20-50 min after you swallowed it.
Maximum level of MDMA in your blood will be reached 1,5 -3 hours after slipping and plateaus at this level . Right, you felt the peak.
80% of the MDMA will be metabolized by the liver, the rest will be pissed out. (literally, it´s directly going to your urine 😉
Helped you with your questions? No? hmm… No glue why…
Ok, jokes aside, MDMA is an agent for serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, who all three are very fun and what could even be slightly more important, all three ARE HIGHLY IMPORTANT!! Yeah, that kind of important like in “You don´t want to fuck with it”
What MDMA does, is (in a nutshell) more or less a good feeling DDoS on your Nerve -system. It will empty your storage of Serotonin.
Sounds fun? It is.
If you are doing it up to 4 times/year max!!!
Serious, you should wait for at least 2-3 Months after you slipped a Pill before slipping the next one .
Simply because the substances needed (if you think at this very moment I’m talking about MDMA: just leave the thread. U did understand none of the previous.) for this awesome feelings, are NOT THERE!!!!
Let´s say you want to role a joint: when you don´t put weed in it, you can of course smoke it too. But you won´t get high like if you would have rolled it with those buds.
It´s the same thing. For having the MDMA – High, you need to role joints containing 3 sorts of weed. If you miss one, it will be different.
The thing with substances like the one we´re talking about is:
You don´t fuck with these kind of things.
Just because they are the substances that tell you how fucked up feels. How real deep and dark depression feels, where suicide is a very welcome Path out of hell.
So that is the one big Rule which WILL make the difference between a good trip or several trips to the Therapist. And if you at this moment still don´t get, why I´m saying that this often, do what you like. Do it as often as you´re able to. But you will not have much fun doing it…
You need some further info on the substances reffered to in this section? Simply hit:

5. What could go wrong?
Almost everything, starting from buying a pill that contains dangerous substances in addition, up to waking up in Hospital the next day, and all the way to you smoking your last cigarette. Not because you quitted smoking… More like you quitted living.

MDMA, as most chemical drugs and also many natural, can dig you an early grave. Not joking. Absolute Serious about this.
So in this Section i´ll write about known side effects, what to do when they strike you or you or one of your mates overdoses and stuff like that. All the real funny stuff you should know when doing hard drugs at whole and MDMA especially!
Important: When to NOT use MDMA:
-when pregnant! MDMA is toxic for the fetus. “MDMA is a moderately teratogenic drug (i.e., it is toxic to the fetus). In utero exposure to MDMA is associated with a neuro- and cardiotoxicity and impaired motor functioning. Motor delays may be temporary during infancy or long-term. The severity of these developmental delays increases with heavier MDMA use.”
Source: Wikipedia
-Under age 18.
Better not under 21… Because even though you might neither feel nor belief it, your brain is still under construction and drugs, really don´t help with that… Think about a Skyscraper. Would you even consider setting even 1 foot into it, knowing the whole Team that designed and build it was on MDMA or something similar the whole time and you see the sun through the holes in the floors, which are not their because of design but because the tripping Team simply forgot about them not being finished? I wouldn´t 😀
-You have a too high blood pressure or a weak heart!
Serious man, just stick to weed or something like that. No high is worth your life!

6. Side effects [Short Term]

This is the stuff that could hit you while on XTC:

– Dehydration (easy to guess how to prefent, just DRINK, not just water, because ur sweating out every bit of electrolytes you had in body…! I know you wanna ask, but anyway the answer is: NO FREAKIN ALCOHOL for gods sake it´s dehydrating as well. And since you´re dehydrated… I think you got me. Act like the adult you´re supposed to at least sometimes be! Get yourself a coke, or lemonade some sugar, if you have maybe some sports drink)

– Hyperthermia (Since this is HF, just ask yourself: what happens to a CPU when overclocked and the cooling fails?
Right. Nothing good. So if you sense, you´re running hot, cool down.First thing to do: tell someone! So in emergency they could get you help. Normaly your body starts sweating if running to hot, but this is nothing like a normal situation, you are high on XTC. Get yourself outside, stay calm, sit down, take deep breaths of fresh air, drink cool water, and the other stuff mentioned above. If none of the previous seems to help, get in the bathroom and let in a tepid or cool (NOT cold!!! The shock could literally kill you!) bath.

– Bruxism (grinding dem teeth, besides of chewing gum, I know of no treatment for this. You will most likely grind your teeth as long you are high. )
– Increased wakefulness or insomnia (Since people usually not use XTC for having a good old recovering sleep, this might seem obvious, but if you sense effects in the days after, get yourself treatment!)

– Increased perspiration and sweating (No matter what you´re doing, you´ll sweat. And won´t care about it… Given the right circumstances, you may also like it. Yeah, excactly, the kind of circumstances that make you like the sweat are usually surrounded by sentences like” Oh my god, harder…” I think you got me. If the sweating continues after the next day, get yourself treatment!

– Increased heart rate and blood pressure (Depending on the setting, and of course the doses, you will feel like your heart is trying to run a hole goddamn marathon in the time a Short distance runner needs for 100m….
If the left side of your breast seems to do anything it´s not supposed to, (yes, hurting is one of the things which tend to not be supposed to be done by your breast), go outdoor, sit down, breath in the fresh air, calm yourself down, everything is fine. Don´t play the strong or something, people who just try to calm down and relax are most likely to recover and reenter the Party again ending up having fun. These who act cool and ignore the warnings of their body, because it is more fun (and therefor of course more important) to dance hard, are the ones who, in the past, turned out to have less Party’s left then (at least they) thought! I want to be clear at this! There is no competition in what you are capable of dealing with. It´s your god damn heart we´re talking about.
Even Arcadegame players, in RL, somehow magically tend to only have one of them. And if this little thing is to stressed, to work in a proper manner anymore, and given, you happen to make it out alive: You made it, congrats! There have been plenty of people not making it.

– Increased psychomotor activity (Hell ya, you will talk with your mouth, hands and feet’s, and if needed you will use your hips and all other body to express what you have to say 😉

– Loss of appetite (Pretty self explaining, you will not get hungry. Make sure you have eaten the day)

– Nausea and vomiting (in my experience this usually is more related to using to much of a doses. Usually you will feel relieved, although shaky and down with energy, when done vomiting! Rest a little, grap yourself nice delicious cold water 😉

– Diarrhea (Will most likely be over in a short period of time. Never experienced it in terms of “real” Diarrhea)

– Erectile dysfunction (the worst side effect, I could think of, I experienced it once while being on a real high dose… Not funny at all but being on XTC you´ll find other ways to have some fun, just lay down in her arms, talk a bit and if you´re lucky, you might recover before the night ends 😉

– Mydriasis (Yes, your eyes turn black. Nothing you can do about it.)

– Trismus (never experienced it, so you´ll have to ask your doc for advise)

– Loss of appetite (already explained)

– Tiredness or lethargy

– Anxiety or paranoia

– Depression (Like i said before, you will empty your storages of all substances which cause anything like fun, joy or such… No wonder you are feeling depressed atm, don´t ya think?)

– Irritability (you could be pretty easy irritated. Could have something to do with being high as fuck?..)

– Impulsiveness (The moment you think it, you do it. Everything seems to be a good idea… Hint: It`s not!)

– Restlessness (serious, if you feel restless afterwards, even if this might sound obvious to you, chill. Sounds easy, but it´s really everything but If this really doesn´t help, get yourself some treatment!)

– Memory impairment (As most of us like to know/remember what we´re doing, this side effect sucks. Not much you can do about it. Take fotos. Make a vid. Get yourself treated!)

– Anhedonia (Although never heard of it happening while high, it happened to me afterwards, not in terms of beeing a real issue, as i know i will not feel joy in a normal way after using MDMA, but it can be distracting, to see your favorite Comedians new Show, and just don´t find it funny in any way… But as al of these side effects, you should not really have any problems at least 3-4 days after use.

[Long Term]
As stated before, there is no evidence that, given in moderate doses and <100 times/live, MDMA will have any long term effects, there are some you might get if you misuse MDMA:

– Brain lesions (It will damage your serotonergic pathways, long term exposure is known to lead to marked neurodegeneration in various parts of your brain, e.g. some “unimportant” areas like the hippocampal, prefrontal and striatal, axon terminals. Nice to know, Neurotoxic damage to exactly this serotonergic terminals will be persistent for more than two years. Nice to get a real long term relationship…

– Something that could strike everyone, is the adverse neuroplastic change to brain brain microvasculature and white matter

– Reduced grey matter density

– Global reductions in gray matter volume, thinning of the parietal and orbitofrontal cortices, and decreased hippocampal activity have been observed in long term users.

– The effects established so far for recreational use of ecstasy lie in the range of moderate to large effects for SERT reduction

– MDMA can also produce cognitive impairments in humans.

– Impairments in multiple aspects of cognition, including attention, learning, memory, visual processing, and sleep have been found in regular MDMA users.

– MDMA use is also associated with increased impulsivity and depression. Several forms of memory are impaired by chronic ecstasy use; however, the effect sizes for memory impairments in ecstasy users are generally small overall.

– At high doses, MDMA induces a neuroimmune response which, through several mechanisms, increases the permeability of the blood-brain barrier, thereby making the brain more susceptible to environmental toxins and pathogens. In addition, MDMA has immunosuppressive effects in the peripheral nervous system and pro-inflammatory effects in the central nervous system.

– The magnitude of these impairments is correlated with lifetime MDMA usage and are partially reversible with abstinence.
Here I leeched a little. Still most in own words but as well copied out of:
Source: Wikipedia> MDMA> Long term effects

7. How to “safe” use XTC
1. DON´T OVER DO IT!!! I saw plenty of ppl that were very proud of how many pills they can swallow as if there would be a freaking competition about this. DO NOT!!!
It´s not working like the more I take, the more I feel good.
It´s enough when you use this formula:
1.5mg*1kg Bodyweight!
If you are experienced and know what you are doing you can go with 1.8-max 2mg.
And yes, you are allowed to slip half of a pill (or half of the swallowed amount) something like 1 hour after the MDMA kicked in.
That will expand the trip for a couple of hours. But if you take to much, you will end up laying in bed and feeling a Mix between not feeling good as well as feeling good… Not nice.

2. Get your XTC and maybe get it some days before you want to slip it so you can research it. Search the web, ask your trusted local dealer. No matter what, if your dealer could not provide Info about the XTC he wants to sell to you, continue with next step BEFORE paying him.
If you are a regular customer of your dealer, knowing he knows his stuff and may even test it (with a drug test kit or in person) and you trust him with that, go on buy and try…
If there is any of the previous attributes missing in the relation to your local dealer (and in many cases even if not) DON`T buy unless you checked some Pill warning sites. There is plenty of evidence that, e.g. if you´re living in Canada, you might have never experienced pure MDMA in Pills (ca. 20% of Canadian Pills contain MDMA, studies say), but some other substances (some of them are related to MDMA but not similar in effects and since the effect is everything this is all about… Yep you got me. The previous is of course for unwanted ingredients. There are also Kitchens which add substances to give you a better experience… But if you´re not in the topic and for that don´t now on what to look and who to ask: Consider unforeseen ingredients of your Pill a possible threat! ).

3. Check out your XTC!!! This might be the most important task. There are plenty of sites where you can look up, if your Pill has already been checked. If so, there will be, depending on which site you´re on, the containing amount of MDMA stated, as well as other substances that may have been found and often subjective User reports.
I really recommend not just searching one site, but some.
Since there [b]sometimes are lookalike pills [/b ]out there, here is what to look on when checking your Pill:
– How is the Pill pressed? Does it have a “professional pill Look”?
– Is the Pill showing the right picture? If so, how about the back of the pill. Does it look any different than is shown on the website? Does the pill have a breaking point? Is it on the same side as in the website picture?
– How about the color? Does it fit?
– If still not sure (and even if Victoire ), I’d suggest getting a Drug kit. You can get it from most warning websites.

3. If tested and found anything like expected, prepare your tripping day, if there is anything diffrent of what it´s suppossed to, just don´t buy/use that XTC!

4. First, figure out who will be tripping with you, and who might not slip pill but be around! Needles to say that, if there is one or more ppl who won´t use MDMA, the question who tripsits is pretty much answered 😉 If all of your friends want to be tripping, you either have to go without a tripsitter (since I had no more tripsitter after I did xtc the firsttime, whichhas been 12+ years ago and still consider myself living 😉 or might play Scissors, rock, paper for it. Tripsitter or not, after this step you should know, how many ppl there will be tripping.

5. Even though your Guests or fellow trippers (if all of them slipping a pill), will not have much in mind with snacks, make sure there is some sweet stuff! Watch out that it contains sugar. You might end up needing it! And my lifetime motto always is: Better to not need but have, then the other way round!
Why sugar? Simple: Because it is what will be most likely be the answer to many side effects!

6. Now, setup the location (if you´re staying at home/friends home just make sure everything is comfortable). Always keep in mind, while sober you might not seem that much of a problem preparing something even in high state. But when you´re tripping on MDMA, and have to do a task you don´t like doing, is one of the most annoying things possible 😉 So think about nice warm light. Not to bright! Maybe you want some candles, make sure to put them in places where they are save from you! (usually there should be no problem with them, but since you will be tripping the whole night…. Only save is save 😉 Think about that when high, music is the key. To everything. When the music is right, there is not really much to fear :D. (At least nothing other than the known side effects. 😉

7. When you have your setup ready, make sure to cool some bottles of water and Cola/lemonade/such. You might also be thinking about drinking alcohol (do if you must but you won´t have the slightest feeling from it. It will feel like you are drinking alc. Free beer or a whiskey flavoured juice. So it´s a waste of money! What will in fact be absolutely delicious to you, is the taste of cold pure water… Belief me. As I already said, get yourself some bottles 😉

*Nice to know:
– Merk was founded in 1668 therefor is the oldest operating chemical and pharmaceutical company.

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