May 16, 2017

Product not as described | $50 [BTC 0.02797] | UID 2825848

User: TheDarkVoid
Related Product: Battleye Bypass & Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Cheat | Both Private Custom Coded

Cost: BTC 0.02797 ($50)

How I came across him:
I made a thread to find a decent Battleye bypass and hack (All I wanted was a wallhack/esp).
I saw his thread and figured this would be what I was looking for. And so, I decided to go on with the exchange.

Payment proofs: Coinbase Picture | Transaction Details

The HF Private Message:

The Skype Conversation:

His Claims:

  1. The hack is not detected
  2. The bypass works
  3. There is a menu for ESP
  4. There is a provided injector to inject into the game

His Lies:

  1. The hack is detected
  2. The bypass is a simple SetWindowHookEx, which is 100% detected by the BattlEye kernel driver
  3. There is no menu. There is no ESP. The hack only provides a semi-working wall-hack.
  4. He included a usermode (Ring3) injector. No one can inject into the game in usermode.

What I Think:

  1. He knew that the hack wasn’t what he provided.
  2. He gave me a non-working injector. This was his reason to tell me “You’re on your own” for injection
  3. When I confronted him about the features, he said it’s because he gave me the “old” version. He gave the same answer to NA Riven and Sonic99.
  4. He looked surprised and didn’t know how to act when I told him I still managed to inject it. He did not expect this.

My Request:

  • He refunds my bitcoin, and he closes his thread; or
  • He gives me a valid hack, a working bypass, and a working injector, and apologizes.

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