January 26, 2017

Setup Hyper-V with Windows 10 (FREE & LEGAL)

[Image: s26X4Md.jpg]

Navigate to Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows features on or off (left hand side)

[Image: FZxIMHm.jpg]

Check the box for Hyper-V like so:
[Image: GI9frsM.jpg]

Restart after when Windows completes the requested changes.

[Image: mZbE9w6.jpg]

Open Hyper-V Manager (Just hit the start button and type “Hyper-V” and it will pop up)

The next steps will vary depending on if you want to use your own ISO or if you want to download a free Windows 10 virtual machine directly from Microsoft.

You can obtain a free Windows 10 Virtual machine from here:

Choose Microsoft Edge on Win 10 Stable or Preview and for platform choose HyperV (Windows)

If you would like to use your own ISO I would recommend going to Action -> New -> Virtual Machine.

Specify Name and Location – Up to you
Specifiy Generation – Depends on the ISO you are using (just read the descriptions)
Assign Memory – Up to you and how much you have.
Configure Networking – Just click next even though it will say Not Connected
Connect Virtual Hard Disk – Click next to use your own ISO or choose existing if using download Virtual Machine.

[Image: FgE0flV.jpg]

Click on Virtual Switch Manager (right side)
Keep on External then click Create Virtual Switch
Name it whatever you would like, hit Apply then Ok.

Right Click on the Virtual Machine you created and go to:
SettingsNetwork AdapterVirtual switch (Choose the virtual switch you made)

You should then be able to connect your new virtual machine and it should be able to get out to the internet and all that jazz.

*NOTES: If you are unable to connect to the internet after adding your virtual switch you may need to go Network Connections and switch the ipv4 from static to automatic or configure it however your network is to properly connect.

Hope this is useful to a few people out there.

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